Do Chorp/Your Body,Do Shláinte/Your Health agus Alcól/Alcohol

by Eugene Mckenna July 15, 2019

Do Chorp/Your Body,Do Shláinte/Your Health agus Alcól/Alcohol,,The Organic Wine Center Draperstown

Annamh-ach iontach/Rare but well!

Léigh é seo ó na Gréagaigh/Read this from the Greeks!

De réir Dionysus-Dionysus said the following 3 drinks max! to be shared:

Three kraters( bowls) do I mix for temperature

One to health,which they empty first

The second to love and pleasure

The third to sleep

When this bowl is drunk up,wise  guests go home.

The forth bowl is ours no longer,but belongs to hubris

The fifth to uproar

the sixth to prancing around

the seventh to black eyes

the eight brings the police

the ninth belongs to vomiting

the tenth to insanity and the hurling of furniture( if you have any:)

Hence the 75cl bottle measures-and of course it should be organic!

<a href="">Dionysus:</a> - Greek Gods & Goddesses, September 19, 2014


Eugene Mckenna
Eugene Mckenna


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