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by Eugene Mckenna August 13, 2019

Absolute Organic Wine, The Wine Center Draperstown Magherafelt Co Derry Northern Ireland, Ireland

Absolute Organic Wine is a wine specialist from Co Derry Northern Ireland. Since opening as an Off Licence in 1999 Absolute Organic Wine has now become a specialist in the importation of Organic and Biodynamic wines into Ireland and the UK.
Our philosophy has always been to offer Organic & Biodynamic wines of quality and distinction, wines that offer outstanding value for money backed up with excellent service. We are a proud, local, independent family owned business and we will always try to keep things real. We have no ambitions to be anything other than just to be very good at what we do in an honest and sustainable manner with our customers, suppliers and staff.
With the vast array of wines available in Ireland and the UK market today, it is important that you, the consumer has some guidelines on which to make your purchasing choices. We are continually tasting and evaluating our wines to make sure our wine selection is of the highest standard. We are very proud of our ability to be able to identify Organic & Biodynamic wines of distinction and especially those that offer outstanding value for money.
We specialise in discovering Organic, Biodynamic and Natural wines from around Europe. Traditional grape varieties lost in the rush of commercial industrial farming, pioneering winemakers are bringing these forgotten grapes back to life using Organic and biodynamic methods. We bring these vibrant and expressive natural, vegan wines direct to your door. Good for us our children and the future of our Planet
Absolute Organic Wine offer advice and recommendations to suit everyone’s budget and requirements. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Absolute Organic Wine either online or in person in our Wine Center An t-lonad Fíona.

Eugene Mckenna
Eugene Mckenna


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