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Tá An t-Ithir Spíonta! The Soil is Exhausted!

June 13, 2019

Tá An t-Ithir Spíonta! The Soil is Exhausted!

The Irish word for environment is "timpeallacht"  meaning "surround" we are connected to the soil; There is no doubt that no matter the language of the message,that we as a generation need to understand that the imbalance of the soil( an t-ithir) is caused by chemical farming which has been promoted in recent decades. Wine growers/Saothróirí fíona are now being judged by the chemicals they use to bring that grape to harvest. When we alter the soil with chemicals,we do not get the same nutrition from the fruit,and we alter flavour and colour of the crop to justify high yields/torthaí.

One aspect of our mission with the promotion of organic and biodynamic wine is to reinforce that this method of farming is nothing new- we are merely going back to the pre-chemical/unnecessary chemical age,when grapes weren't drenched with chemicals to get an artificial crop to the winery by wiping out thousands of nutrients to indiscriminately eradicate "pests" which do impact on grapes- experts now verify that these unwanted insects of the ecosystem can be treated organically and controlled with more environmentally friendly methods.Soil destroying chemicals don't just land on the crop-they go into all of the environment-air-water-soil, indiscriminately altering our planet and ecosystems.

Another focus is to provide quality organic and biodynamic wine at affordable prices.How much do you actual pay for the wine in bottle at different price ranges?-You may be surprised to read that for a bottle of wine under £10 one really only paying 20 pence for the wine- the rest is tax and packaging. The £10 price range offers more quality,and when that wine is organic or biodynamic-you are protecting your both your health and the environment,which are one at the end of the day.

Bí folláin! Stay healthy! Understand what you're buying when choosing organic and biodynamic wines as these environmentally friendly choices will not only enhance your wine experience,but will also impact generations to come.

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