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Wine and food pairing for Organic & Biodynamic Wine

by Eugene McKenna November 20, 2018, Wine Store Magherafelt, Wine Shop Near Me NI, The Wine Center Co Derry, The Wine Center Northern Ireland, The Wine Ce Alsace Biodynamic Wine,Wine and food pairing,Natural Wine Northern Ireland,Absolute Organic Wine Draperstown

If you cook with organic ingredients,then organic or biodynamic food wine matching is a must. Less chemicals, more flavor. What we know is what you taste.
In most European wine regions wine and food have evolved together.  In Europe wine represents all that is traditional in the way a wine is made and paired with food. Here wine reflects the culture and terroir of the region and the people who make wine to complement the produce of the land. The wines are named after places such as rivers and mountains where they were created, not the grape variety.  European wines reflect the local food more than new world countries. Wine and other alcoholic drinks were very popular in ancient times because water was not safe to drink.  Wine has been an important part of the history of Europe.  It is important to point out that all wines made in ancient times were Organic.

Eugene McKenna
Eugene McKenna


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