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For those of you following the organic journey like ourselves,and making a conscious decision to consume and purchase organic products,we would like to share an update and a bit of trivia with you,to encourage you to keep your eyes and ears open as to how your decisions to support organic farming and production methods are helping to protect unseen or unnoticed species with whom we share this planet. Here's looking at you kid! The Barn Owl or "An Scréachóg Reilige" The Barn Owl is known in the Irish language as "An Scréachóg Reilige" and its population has been declining in...

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Experiences should not be rushed-and you will feel the quality and enjoy and savour in your own time. The flavours will come in waves of different strength i.e. the flavour of the given selection actually develops with time. And reflect on flavours being experienced-if you wish to clear or complement your palate with a sparking or sweet wine-then there will be a match of taste, rather than a clash which is often what happens with red/white or rosé still wine-s Simply because a beautiful chocolate can ruin a beautiful wine-and vice-versa. Basically, it would be a bit of a waste...

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Veganism will change the world. We share this planet, not own it... To most vegan wine lovers, it may come as a shock that their favourite glass of wine could have an animal product in it.  The process of making wine itself does not require any animal products, but after  fermentation the liquid needs to be filtered using substances known as ‘fining agents’, to make the wine look "clear" and "bright". Many agents are used to remove impurities from the wine as fining helps wine get rid of protein, yeast, cloudiness, and other particles. Basically making the wine clearer/brighter in...

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