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Gaillac is situated North East of Toulouse in the South of France. The  wine markers of Gaillac, that we represent, are bringing back indigenous grapes that were lost in the mass production wine market of the 1990s onwards.

These wines will mature brilliantly, or can be drank now. The case contains wines normally, only available at the wine center as they are produced in small quantities. The flavours would have a general profile of a more structured, earthy wine that can be served with food or without, smooth but complex.

What's in the Case
A) Compte du Ciel: Grapes; Braucol & Preubelard: Flavours; Cherries,dark chocolate and coffee. 2018 Vintage -£13.49 per bottle
B) Les Gourmands L'Enclos; Grapes; Duras and Braucol: Flavours- Ruby full bodied wine for a brandy lover! 2917 Vintage - £14.49 per bottle
C) L'Enclos des Braves: Grapes; Braucol and Prunelard; Flavours, spicy, brimming with plum flavours, biodynamic wine at its best! 2016 Vintage - £17.49 per bottle
2 bottles of each per case of 6

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