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What are PIWI Wines.
In winegrowing, considerable amounts of pesticides are used against mildew (fungicides) to prevent possible fungal infections and to secure the harvest. According to analyses by the statistical office of the EU (EuroStat), the use of pesticides per hectare and year in winegrowing is by far the highest compared to all other agricultural products produced in the EU.
However, PIWI vines have a high resistance to fungal diseases and allow a significant reduction in the use of pesticides, thus protecting the environment.
Enjoying quality wine is being revolutionised in a new way. Consumers get the opportunity to explore new undiscovered paths.
A win-win situation for winemakers and consumers! natural wines UK
PIWI Wines. Sustainable viticulture with fungus-resistant grape varieties. Ecological. Economical. Trendsetting.

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