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A Taste of Alsace 6 Bottle Case with Free Delivery

A Taste of Alsace 6 Bottle Case with Free Delivery

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A Taste of Alsace 6 Bottle Case with Free Delivery

Historical and beautiful, the land of Alsace, situated between the Vosges Mountains and the Rhine River, is the driest area in France, sheltered by the Vosges from westerly influences. It has been fought over by France and Germany for centuries, and it switched its nationality 7 times! Germany ceded the region to France after WWI at the Treaty of Versailles. But the wines have been a constant of culture.

The Taste of Alsace 6 bottle case will include the varieties native to Alsace and cool climate aromatic grapes. The labels reflect the historic simplicity of Alsace, they use the German way of naming and ranking their wines and regions, but these amazing wines are great value within their price ranges.

Red Organic and Vegan

Grape: Pinot Noir; Producer:  Domaine Régin Alsace; Vintage: 2021 (RRP £16.99)

White Organic and Vegan

Grape: Riesling; Producer: Domaine Régin Alsace; Vintage: 2021 (RRP £16:99)

Grape: Pinot Gris; Producer: Domaine Régin Alsace; Vintage: 2022 (RRP £14.99)

Grape: Gewürztraminer; Producer: Domaine Régin Alsace; Vintage: 2021( £16.99)

Orange Organic and Vegan

Grapes: Gewurztraminer and hint of Riesling: Domaine Régin Alsace: NV ( RRP £18.99)

Sparkling Organic and Vegan

Grape: Producer: Domaine Charles Frey Crémant d’Alsace ; Style: Extra Brut: ( RRP £17.99)

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