Exclusive Hamper: Organic Superfoods with Italian Sparking Rosé

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Hamper: Organic & Vegan products to build the perfect larder with the superfoods that help define the benefits and range of a vegan/plant based lifestyle- Tasty and ethically sourced from farm to production with Mason & Co organic and vegan specialists based in Pondicherry, India. Exciting!

Some Italian bubbles included from Veneto, Italy, an organic and vegan rosé to savour as recipes from the hamper larder ingredients are researched.

One bottle of Anna Spinato Italian Sparking Rosé, 11.5%, 75 cl 

Mason & Co Cacao Nibs 300g bag of organic and vegan pure cacao taste

Mason & Co Cacao Butter; 200g bag for roasting vegetables, making chocolate or just spreading on a treat.

Mason & Co Cacao Powder; 300g bag of completely natural cacao powder made from organic cacao beans- just add  the Mason & Cacao butter and source an essence of your own  choice to master the art of making your own chocolate flavours

Mason & Co 75% Courveture 200 g bar of Cooking Chocolate; for making dessert treats

Mason & Co Chocolate Crunchy Granola: 370g bottle containing a delicious blend of cacao powder, jaggery syrup, flax seeds, sesame seeds, coconut oil, organic canes sugar and salt. Just add plant based milk to melt into a rich chocolate treat at any time of the day.


A delightful treat for yourself or to share with those taking tentative steps towards building a larder and indulge in these healthy and tasty treats for all times of the day.  Organic & vegan larder basics - Let the larder inspire you!

Enjoy or sláinte!



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