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Francois Le Saint Sancerre Silex 2020

Francois Le Saint Sancerre Silex 2020

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Introducing the exquisite Francois Le Saint Sancerre Silex - a white wine that promises to elevate your drinking experience to a whole new level. Crafted with organic and biodynamic techniques, this 2018 vintage comes in a 75cl bottle and boasts a bright straw gold colour with greenish hints that is sure to impress.

From the first whiff, you'll be captivated by the pronounced aromas of citrus lemon, pear, green apple, floral and mineral notes. The palate is equally enchanting, offering crisp pineapple and grapefruit flavours that are complex, crisp and beautifully balanced with elegance, leaving a great length on the finish.

What sets this wine apart is the traditional approach taken in the vineyard and cellar. The grapes are grown on silex soils, a unique terroir that imbues the wine with a distinct structure and minerality. And, as if that wasn't enough, most of the work is done by hand, ensuring that only the finest grapes make it into the final blend.

Once harvested, the grapes are vinified separately to ensure the distinct characteristics of each parcel shine through. The wines are then aged on the lees, giving them incredible depth and complexity that you won't find in many other wines.

With an alcohol content of 13%, Francois Le Saint Sancerre Silex is perfect for any occasion - from a romantic dinner to a weekend gathering with friends. So why not treat yourself to a bottle today and experience the magic of this exceptional white wine for yourself?

Order now and savor the perfect combination of aroma, flavour, balance, and complexity that Francois Le Saint Sancerre Silex has to offer!

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