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Organic & Vegan Prosecco and Chocolates Gift

Organic & Vegan Prosecco and Chocolates Gift

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Organic Prosecco and Vegan Chocolates.

Organic Prosecco and vegan chocolates make the perfect pairing. The sweetness of the chocolates complements the acidity of the Prosecco, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. Plus, the bubbles in the Prosecco cleanse the palate between each bite of chocolate, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Organic & Vegan Prosecco Sparkling Wine from Anna Spinato.

Organic & Vegan Prosecco Sparkling Wine from Anna Spinato Veneto Italy is a beautiful Sparkling Wine with delicate straw yellow colour and bright greenish highlights. Very fine and persistent bubbles.  The nose is delicate and elegant, it introduces itself with the floral aromas of jasmine along with very fresh citrus highlights. The palate is Creamy, with very fine bubbles, it expresses itself as sapid with clear references to the skin of green and yellow citrus fruits. Structure is light, balance is perfect, persistence is long and engaging. Simply beautiful.

Irish Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel cups- vegan

4 x Chocolate caramel cups - dark 60% Ecuador chocolate filled with lush, buttery vegan caramel.  Single origin, direct trade/fair trade, organic. Small batch crafted in the Mourne Coast. 

Entirely, Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy Free, 100% delicious.


ingredients: Togo cacao, sugar, vegan caramel : coconut milk, brown sugar, golden syrup, Madagascar vanilla. 

Flowers not included. 

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