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Mason & Co Chocolates 6 Pk Organic & Vegan

Mason & Co Chocolates 6 Pk Organic & Vegan

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Mason & Co Organic & Vegan Chocolates, gluten-free & soy-free on discount for Christmas fillers.   

The cacao beans are directly sourced from organic farms and processed without the use of chemicals or preservatives. Every bar is made using a unique bean-to-bar method in Mason & Co's artisan factory in Auroville,India.  

The best way to get the full potential & flavour from these unique artisan Vegan and Organic dark chocolates is to simply let them melt in your mouth, Enjoy

Organic, vegan, gluten-free & soy-free.

The most elegant and delicious chocolates.

Perfect for gifting or savouring.

( We reserve the right the replace a given flavour with another vegan bar that is of equal standard and quality depending on stocks)

Normally, best matched with Sparkling or Sweet Organic Wines, but can also be a pleasure with red, white or rosé of choice.

Read the story of Bean To Bar below:


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