PIWI Italian Organic 6 Bottle Mixed Case.

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PIWI Italian Organic 6 Bottle Mixed Case.

El Masut IGP Organic PIWI Red Wine X 1

Limine PIWI Organic White Wine X1

Caliere Rosso Organic PIWI Red Wine X 2

Feltro Bianco Organic PIWI White Wine X2

So What are PIWI Wines?

The most part of cultivated grapevines suffers from diseases caused by fungi, virus, phytoplasmas and insects against which the plants have no intrinsic resistance. The protection against such pathogens demands heavy use of pesticides, especially in temperate areas of our planet, where rainfall and humidity rate are relatively high. Even though the active substances employed in plant-health control are more respectful of the environment compared to those used a few years ago, the viticulture still remains one of the most impactful human activities. In this context lower use of agrochemicals and the preservation of natural resources have become a priority. The major solutions to these problems is represented by the use of the resistant grape varieties (“PIWI”, German acronym of Pilzwiderstandfähig, which means Disease Resistant Grape Variety). These grape varieties are obtained from natural breeding/crossing between “European-Vinifera Vine” and a selection of wild “American or Asian Vine” which are resistant to fungal diseases, especially “Oidio – Powdery mildew” and “Peronospora – Downy mildew”.


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