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Dirler-Cadé Alsace Riesling 2020

Dirler-Cadé Alsace Riesling 2020

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Introducing the Riesling Alsace 2020 Dirler-Cadé - a delightful organic and vegan riesling from the picturesque Alsace region of France. With its stunning light straw yellow hue, this wine is a feast for the eyes before it even touches your lips.

But that's just the beginning - this wine is bursting with fresh and expressive flavours that will awaken your senses. Take a whiff and enjoy the powerful flinty mineral nose that is laced with floral and citrus notes, as well as hints of herbs and aromatic spices. Then, take a sip and experience the crisp and tangy citrus flavours that come to life on your palate. The grapefruit, tangy lemon, and zesty energy are sure to delight your taste buds.

At 14% ABV, this wine is perfect for those looking for a little bit of a kick in their glass. But what truly sets it apart is its versatility - it pairs seamlessly with rich vegan dishes, cutting through with its refreshing and balanced acidity.

Enjoy a glass of Riesling Alsace 2020 Dirler-Cadé with your favorite vegan cuisine and take your meal to the next level. Don't wait to try this incredible wine - order now and experience the magic for yourself!

The heart of their work in Biodynamics is the use of preparations, which in the form of energetic impulses, aim to improve the quality of the soil, to promote the deep rooting of the vine and to help a harmonious development of the leaves, flowers and fruits.
To reinforce the natural defenses of the vine, they use different herbal teas and decoctions: nettle, horsetail, wicker, meadowsweet.
For some years now, nesting boxes for chickadees have been set up in the plots to allow these birds to settle in and consume the possible grape worms.
Hedges of different varieties of shrubs are planted in our plots to maintain biodiversity.
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