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Terre Di Ger Tour De France Bora Organic Arconi 2020

Terre Di Ger Tour De France Bora Organic Arconi 2020

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Tour De France Bora Arconi Bianco Organic White Wine IGT Venezia Giulia a blend of PIWI white grapes.

The official Wine of the Bora -  Cycling team for the Grand Tours of Europe.

Colour: straw yellow with golden nuances. Body: full bodied. Tasting notes: scents of aromatic herbs like mint with notes of grapefruit and a typical mineral aftertaste.

Grapes: Sauvignon Kretos 90% Soreli 10%

13,5% vol

A new agronomic and oenological project has marked the turning point for Terre di Ger winery in the last decade. New resistant PIWI grape varieties have been planted and wide research on the wine obtained from them has been made; the goal is to reduce the environmental impact of phytosanitary treatments (pesticides, synthetic fertilizers), safeguard nature, and combine organic farming with organoleptic diversity.

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