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Terre di Ger Bora Giro D'Italia Organic Caliere Rosso 2021

Terre di Ger Bora Giro D'Italia Organic Caliere Rosso 2021

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Giro D' Italia Bora Organic Red Wine IGT Venezia Giulia is a unique blend of PIWI Red grapes, sourced from the official wine of the Bora - Cycling team for the Grand Tours of Europe. The resilient red grape varieties of Merlto Khorus and Merlot Kanthus are carefully selected for fermentation in stainless steel tanks, resulting in an intense ruby red wine that boasts aromas of strawberry, currant, and raspberry. Its medium-bodied profile and fresh, fruit-forward flavors make it a versatile choice for pairing with various dishes. With a 13.5% alcohol content and recommended serving temperature of 16-20°C, this wine is a harmonious combination of taste and sustainability. Thanks to advanced agronomic and oenological techniques, Terre di Ger winery has successfully reduced the environmental impact of their phytosanitary treatments.


90% Merlot Kanthus

10% Merito Khorus


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