Vegan Starter Hamper With Prosecco, Dark Chocolate and Larder Condiments

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Delicious Organic & Vegan Prosecco 75cl , also containing all the condiments you’ll need to get started on or add to a vegan larder. The perfect vegan starter pack/hamper- just add the fresh veg and carbohydrates of your choice! A melt in the mouth organic and vegan dark chocolate for desert. Open that chilled Prosecco and launch your vegan lifestyle. Saving the planet in style!

The Vegan Starter Hamper Contains the Following:

1 Bottle of 75 Cl Organic and Vegan Prosecco To compliment your dishes

1Bar of Vegan Chocolate Dark Chocolate To Finish in Style ( 70 gram)

1 Canister  of Vegan Nutritional Yeast Flakes with B12 25 servings in each( adds a nutty/cheesy flavour to your dish) ( 125 gram)

1 Tin of Jack Fruit- a meat alternative that is not red in colour!( 565 Gram)

1 Canister of instant vegan Bouillon Powder  Swiss Vegetable Flavour> Low Salt (  150 gram)

2 Packs of Bouillon Stock Cubes>/Swiss Vegetable Yeast Free and Low Salt( 75 grams each)

1 Canister of Vegetable Paté> Perfect for spreading on toast or crackers. ( 125 Grams)

1 Tube of Organic Spicy Mexican Paté ( 200 Grams)

All of the above is the perfect way to enjoy your organic vegan Prosecco at home.


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