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Organic & Vegan Rioja Magnum Wine & Chocolate Hamper

Organic & Vegan Rioja Magnum Wine & Chocolate Hamper

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Organic & Vegan Rioja Magnum Wine & Chocolate Hamper, layers and layers of opulent flavours combined with value. A Magnum bottle is the equivalent of two 75cl bottles.

Wine & Chocolate Hamper all Organic & Vegan.  Magister Bibendi Tempranillo Rioja Crianza  Red Wine 75cl 2017.  Ruby red colour, with terracotta reflections. Its ripe red fruity aromas combine perfectly with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and sweet spices. Good full tannic structure on the palate with some toasted notes and a long-lasting finish. 

Mason & Co Organic & Vegan Chocolates, gluten-free & soy-free. Vegan Chocolates  
The Classic sleeve features six of our best-selling dark chocolate flavours in 60g: 
The cacao beans are directly sourced from organic farms and processed without the use of chemicals or preservatives. Every bar is made using a unique bean-to-bar method in Mason & Co's artisan factory in Auroville.  
The best way to get the full potential & flavour from these unique artisan Vegan and Organic dark chocolates is to simply let them melt in your mouth. 
Special Valentine's offer-6 delicious bars and 6 more delicious bars included free. 12 bars of of organic and vegan chocolate to savour. Enjoy!
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