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A Gift to Explore the World of Organic, Biodynamic & Vegan Wine via a Gift Voucher Card:

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A lovely gift for a person you know would enjoy browsing and exploring wines at any time at their own pace,and a lovely surprise!

Choose the value you wish to spend on the Gift Voucher Card for the recipient.

On checking out,you just enter the email of your choice as to whom is to receive the Online Gift Card Voucher depending on your choice of delivery.

Option 1) 

You could choose your own email and the Gift Card Voucher will be sent direct to you. You can then either press print to save and download then email it to the recipient direct from your own email address with desired message, or actually print it to send the Gift Card Voucher to the recipient by post in the more traditional way.

Option 2) 

You may choose the recipient's email address to send the Gift Card Voucher direct to them when making payment for the Gift Voucher Card. Once complete you would just advise the recipient in case the Gift Voucher Card does not got direct to their inbox depending on their settings ( it could go to marketing or spam) The recipient would receive the Gift Voucher Card direct from our store.

Either way the recipient will get a Gift Card Voucher with a  unique code  to our online shop. They can use that code in one or more orders until the value of the Gift Card Voucher has been redeemed. This can also include cost of deliveries etc at the check out. The Gift Voucher Card recipient will be asked if they want to enter their unique code for it at Check Out.

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