Organic & Vegan Wines from Historic Domaine La Guintrandy - Buy Online NI & UK

Domaine Guintrandy

Organic & Vegan Wines from Historic Domaine La Guintrandy - Buy Online NI & UK

Uncover the rich history and exceptional flavors of Domaine La Guintrandy's organic and vegan wines. Nestled in the regions of Visan and Tulette, these unique bottles offer a taste of Southern France's winemaking heritage.

The Story of Domaine La Guintrandy With origins dating back to the 1st century, the Domaine's lands hold fascinating archaeological remnants of Gallo-Roman burials. The "GUINTRANDY" name itself has Visigothic roots traced to around 1000 AD in records from Cluny Abbey. A beautifully preserved 13th-century papal boundary marker stands as a reminder of the estate's storied past.

The Organic & Vegan Difference True to its historic terroir, Domaine La Guintrandy embraces organic and vegan winemaking principles. Sustainable, natural farming practices respect the environment while coaxing out the region's distinct flavors. The diverse Visan and Tulette soils, hot summers and mild winters create an ideal Mediterranean climate for cultivating outstanding grapes.

An Authentic Taste of Southern France From bold reds brimming with dark fruits and spices to crisp, citrusy whites, Domaine La Guintrandy's organic and vegan range captures the essence of Southern France in every glass. Taste the passion and care of generations of winemakers with each sip.

Experience centuries of winemaking mastery by ordering these historic organic and vegan wines online for delivery in Northern Ireland and across the UK. Uncover Domaine La Guintrandy's legacy at

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