About Us

Absolute Organic Wine Limited is an Organic & Vegan wine company based in Co Derry, Northern Ireland, specialising in organic, Biodynamic & Vegan wine and Chocolate Gifts.. We import and deliver organic, biodynamic, natural and vegan wines throughout the island of Ireland and Britain.
At Absolute Organic Wine Limited, we are passionate about offering a wide range of organic and vegan wines. We believe in the quality of the wines we offer and are committed to providing our customers with the best selection of organic and vegan wines available. We are dedicated to offering wines that are produced in a sustainable and ethical manner, and have worked hard to ensure that all of our wines are certified organic and vegan.
At our wine merchant's, we believe in the power of a good glass of wine to bring people together and to create unforgettable moments. We want to help you experience the joy of finding the perfect bottle of wine to match your occasion. Our team of passionate wine experts are dedicated to selecting the finest wines from around the Europe. We source wines from small, independent winemakers and family-owned estates, and we carefully select each bottle for its unique flavour profile and character.
Vegan Certified wines are made without any animal by products in the vineyard or the winery, and only use bentonite which is a type of clay, pea protein or potato protein to clarify the wine prior to bottling. Some of our winemakers don't clarify their wines. ( Clarifying wines is to make them appear clear in the bottle as a wine produced naturally can appear hazy and not appealing to the eye; though this  haze would not impact on the quality.)
Organic Wines are wines grown without additional industrial chemicals. Biodynamic wines are grown organically in line with a special calendar used by Maria Thun who was an authority on biodynamics and dedicated her life to the research and application of Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophical philosophy. The biodynamic calendar advises when it is best to plant and to drink. The app can be bought under the name of "When Wine Tastes Best" We would recommend that you download this app to find the best day or night to taste our wines.
Ireland is really coming into its own with the observation of the stars upon which our wines rely for best growth and flavour. 
Our philosophy has always been to offer Organic & Biodynamic Natural & Vegan wines of quality.  We like to think that we are doing our part in a society and in an economy that takes care of the environment and preserves it for future generations. We source wines that offer good value for money backed up with excellent service. We are a proud to be a wine company that focuses on organic, biodynamic, vegan wine and vegan complimentary products eg Vegan Chocolates from Mason & Co, and  we will always try to keep things real. Our philosophy is to provide all our products and services in a sustainable manner.
Eugene John McKenna
Owner and Director of Absolute Organic Wine pictured here with Nicholas Joly in July 2015. Nicholas is a Loire Valley vigneron who has literally been bringing the soil alive through the unique understanding of the connection between the soils of the Earth and the rotation of the cosmos which is the basis of biodynamic wine farming. His world renowned book "Biodynamic Wine Demystified" maybe a bit technical, but it does explain the concepts of biodynamic viticulture.
Our business has been specializing in Organic, Biodynamic, Natural and Vegan wines for the past ten years.
Eugene is WSET level 2 qualified with Distinction and the WSET level 3 qualified with Merit.  Also warded the Aficionado of wine at the Parker & Zraly wine Certification Program!
An energetic wine team, based in County Derry Northern Ireland, we are very passionate about introducing our Organic, Biodynamic Vegan and natural wines to you; All of which are made by Farmers who respect the land they farm like their Fathers before them. Wines organically made with little to no intervention.
Brigid McKenna-Moore
Mega positive Vegan wine merchant always ready to help you make the right wine choice and guide you with special wine preferences.  Brigid is passionate about wine education and going forward will be organising twice yearly Wine Festivals at the Wine Center in Northern Ireland, and a Wine Fair in the Republic of Ireland- Bringing the culture of the winemakers to you in person.
Language Wine and Culture Education
Going beyond the sale, we also provide online language classes for those interested in same to better immerse in wine and culture. Wine, food and good company go together and we hope you join the journey with us.
For Irish language classes closer to home, please contact us directly.
We also provide English classes, please also contact directly and we can arrange Home Stay accommodation for duration.
We are also proud of the local Dark Sky Observatory based in the Sperrin Mountains locally, which draws on, and explains all the cosmic forces that sustainable and biodynamic wine practices promote.
More details on the Sperrin Mountain OM Dark Sky Observatory Park at the link below:
Wine Quizzes
For keeping your mind sharp, and your wine knowledge up-to-date on all things wine focused-we recommend the following sites:
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