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Why Guidance on Chocolate & Wine?

Experiences should not be rushed-and you will feel the quality and enjoy and savour in your own time. The flavours will come in waves of different strength i.e. the flavour of the given selection actually develops with time. And reflect on flavours being experienced-if you wish to clear or complement your palate with a sparking or sweet wine-then there will be a match of taste, rather than a clash which is often what happens with red/white or rosé still wine-s Simply because a beautiful chocolate can ruin a beautiful wine-and vice-versa. Basically, it would be a bit of a waste of both quality products if you get the pairing wrong. If you want to experiment with matchings-of course you could,...

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Organic & Biodynamic Sweet Wine

Sweet wines are made from grapes that have concentrated sugars, this means that the grapes are left on the vine to ripen to their fullest.  After the grapes ripen they soon if not picked start to concentrate the sugars within and the result is a process known as Noble Rot or to give it its scientific term (Botrytis cinerea). The concentration process can occur in different ways depending where the grapes are grown and the sweet wine making tradition of the Country or wine region.  In Italy some sweet wines are made by laying the grape bunches out on straw mats until the juices have concreted enough to be made into wine.  The famous sweet wines of sauternes in South West France grapes...

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Vegan Organic Wine

Veganism will change the world. We share this planet, not own it.  We at Absolute Organic Wine when sourcing our Vegan Wines we go to great lengths to insure our Vegan Wines do not contain any animal products and ask for the technical details- otherwise we will not stock them.   We are also aware of the need to balance Vegan assurance and carbon footprint when specialising in Organic, Biodynamic, Natural and Vegan Wine. Veganism is a journey on this planet and  we endeavour to ensure all Wines for our site can be certified to the same standard as foods provided. We try to balance our carbon footprint with the sourcing of all our products.

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Organic Rosé Wines

What is rosé wine? All grape juice whether red grapes or white is clear when extracted from the grape.  In the production red wine the juice is left in contact with the grape skins which in time gives the finished wine its red colour, this process is known as maceration. The juice is then fermented into wine. Whereas in the making of rosé wine the skin contact is kept to a minimum, up to one day resulting in the pale pink colour we know so well. The different shades of pink is a result of the time the grape skins are left in contact with the juice.  The true home of rosé is Provence in the South of France where it has...

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Organic Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine is grape juice, alcohol and bubbles. The bubbles are made by trapping carbon dioxide in the wine.  This is done by adding yeast and sugar to the dry wine which is then bottled.  The second fermentation then takes place in the bottle leaving a sediment which is removed and the bottle is topped with the same mixture of yeast and sugar and left to mature in the cellar. The most prestigious name in Sparkling Wine is Champagne which has a legal protection and only wines made in the Champagne region and made by the Champagne method can bear the name Champagne.  The best example of a fine Champagne is fine and persistent bubbles rising steadily from the bottom of...

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