Collection: Sparkling Wines Organic & Vegan

Sparkling Wine is grape juice, alcohol and bubbles.  The bubbles are made by trapping carbon dioxide in the wine.  This is done by adding yeast and sugar to the dry wine which is then bottled.  The second fermentation then takes place in the bottle leaving a sediment which is removed and the bottle is topped with the same mixture of yeast and sugar and left to mature in the cellar. The most prestigious name in Sparkling Wine is Champagne which has a legal protection and only wines made in the Champagne region and made by the Champagne method can bear the name Champagne.  The best example of a fine Champagne is fine and persistent bubbles rising steadily from the bottom of the glass.  We at Absolute Organic Wine believe that Champagne made Organically truly expresses the true essence of the vineyard where they are produced and shows this in the vibrancy and vitality of the wine.