Red Wine

Organic Wine making follows a strict protocol, with accreditation only achieved after a three-year assessment process. Once certified, Organic Wine makers also Biodynamic & Vegan Wine Makers are inspected each year to ensure they operate within the Organic Biodynamic & Vegan guidelines.  No chemicals or other synthetic materials are able to be used in the growing and harvesting of Organic Wine, and the use of additives in the fermentation process are not allowed.  In the case of Vegan Wine no animal by-products can be used.  A certified Organic Wine logo displayed on a bottle of Organic Wine gives you the consumer the confidence to know  that the Organic Wine you are purchasing is grown Organically in a certified Organic winery, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.  The same applies to Vegan Wine with the Vegan symbol is displayed on the label.


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