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What is in your Vegan Wine

We at Absolute Organic Wine Limited are aware of the need to balance vegan assurance and carbon footprint when specialising in organic, biodynamic, natural and vegan wine.

Veganism is a journey on this planet and  we endeavour to ensure all wines for our site can be certified to the same standard as foods provided. We try to balance our carbon footprint with the sourcing of all our products.

What is the difference between vegan wine and normal wine

The animal derived fining agents fining commonly used in conventional non vegan wines are,

 1) Gelatin – which comes from animal parts, usually pigs. This  helps speed up the ageing process to get the wine to market quicker

2) Isinglass – Fish bladder which makes wine clearer

3) Albumin – An egg white which helps in clarifying red wines but can also be allergen.

4) Chitin – Fibre derived from sea shells

5) Casein – A  derived substance from milk that is used in white wines to prevent them from turning darker, again, this could be an allergen for some people.

At Absolute Organic Wine we stock a great range of Organic and Vegan wines.

When we are sourcing our wines we go to great lengths to insure the wines do not contain any animal products and ask for the technical details- otherwise we will not stock them.

Our wines are all organic and European leading to a cut in carbon footprint automatically

Depending on your vegan choice and country origin your vegan choice  can lead to deforestation


The bottom line is that we aim for flavour and value and guide where we can on the finite detail of making our mark on reducing carbon footprints for all.

As advised in previous posts 99% of biodynamic wines cannot be vegan as the very process of preparation involves the use of cow horns to bury and ferment manure bringing the “ dynamic” aspect to the vineyard. There are other processes too in biodynamic wine making that do not involve the use of animals, and where sourced we advise of this i.e. the grower can use tree bark to bury the manure over winter. Biodynamic is based on ancient farming techniques, so it is not surprising that these chemical free wines would involve practices connected to the farming habits of the time. Biodynamic as a term started in the 1920s predating the concept of organic farming by about 20 years. The reason organic farming/viticulture became more popular is that it is less labour intensive, but that is a focus of another blog.

Vegan through choice and vegan for the planet-it is a great aim for future generations.

Stay safe and informed.

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