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Organic Mulled Wine Made Simple

by Eugene John McKenna December 16, 2020

Organic Mulled Wine

Mulled wine can be made with red, white, rosé or any wine as all wines change in taste when heated.

  1. Check the label of your wine to ensure your wine is Organic, Biodynamic or Vegan for best results. 
  2. Heat gently and note that alcohol content boils away, so don't bring to the boil and stir gently for best results.
  3. Add cloves, sugar and cinnamon as basics for flavour..
  4. Add fresh fruit of oranges if you have them, or you can add our delicious Soho Vegan fizz free juice!
  5. Make sure to preheat your glasses. You can top off with star anise for Christmas.
  6. Serve and enjoy!

Eugene John McKenna
Eugene John McKenna


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