The Origins of Biodynamic Farming

The Origins of Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic farming grew out of the deep concerns of a group of farmers in central Europe back in the 1920s. they had noticed an increasing degeneration in seed strains, in many cultivated plants, and their livestock. They approached scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1924 seeking some insights and practical ideas to offset this decline.

In the now-famous Agriculture Lecture to these farmers, Steiner pointed out that not only was the earth already in middle age but was declining in vitality as a result of the developing materialistic view of the earth as a resource for human beings to exploit. When he was persuaded to offer his insights into agriculture, he aimed to try and correct a largely one-sided, mechanistic view of nature, entrenched as early as the 1920s.
Steiners approach offered a view of life that reconnected the earth and the cosmos, physical life with its origins, in a spiritual world view-a vision that takes account of the powerful forces that pour down from the cosmos to work within the soil and plant. These forces stimulate the processes vital to agriculture, but for these beneficial influences to be fully active, the soil needs to be sufficiently sensitive.

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