The Tour De France and Bora PIWI Organic Wine -

The Tour De France and Bora PIWI Organic Wine

The Tour de France has been a world sensation since 1904. 

Currently, at  Absolute Organic Wine Limited partners with Terre Di Ger, Italian winery, based in Friuli,Venezia, Northeast Italy;they also have a unique connection to the Tour and are sponsors of the BORA cycling team participating in the Tour de France this year.

To develop the momentum they have dedicated two of their stunning organic  PIWI wines to the team renaming the wines BORA Caliere,red/rosso and Bora Arconi  Bianco/White.


This progressive and unique winery is specializing in the PIWI method of grape growing whereby the need for any chemical intervention in the vineyard is eliminated;Whether you are a cycling fan or not, these organic wines are stunning in their appeal and value.

The BORA 75cl red/ caliere has ample flavours with notes of strawberry and red fruit is accompanied with soft tannins.


Aged on the lees in steel tanks for 8 months

The Bora 75 cl White/arconi straw yellow colour with golden hints full bodied, with  scents of aromatic herbs like mint with notes of grapefruit and a typical mineral finish.

Aged on the lees in steel tanks for 6 months

Wine Masters, Jancis Robinson scored the above wines as “ Distinguished”

which is a high recommendation from the lady in question.

The Wine Doctor awarded 92/100 for the Arconi White/Bianco

The PIWI organic growing method can be summarised by advising it is the acronym for the German Pilzwiderstandsfahig ( meaning the German for grapevines that are resistant to fungal diseases) This is not genetic engineering, instead it is a disease prevention practice of crossing European Vitis Vinifera( wine grapes) with American “vitis” or “vines”.

Those familiar with the phylloxera devastation of the late 1800s will understand the connection and research here as 99% of European Vitis( vines) were wiped out by the phylloxera aphid at that time.

Prevention is better than cure! And the association of “PIWI International” founded in 1999 has set its target to to promote prevention of fungal diseases through these crossings.

These Organic PIWI Wines are now available In Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. Order Online We Deliver to your door.

Vitis or vines in a natural setting:

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