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What Are Biodynamic and Organic Wines?

by Eugene John McKenna December 08, 2020

What Are Biodynamic and Organic Wines?

Biodynamic agriculture pre-dates organic agriculture.
Biodynamic agriculture was coined as a term in the 1920s, but the biodynamic techniques themselves have been around since ancient times.
Organic/chemical reduced agriculture came about after WWII.
Both biodynamic and organically grown grapes are grown with the absence of modern fertilizers and pesticides; however, biodynamic agriculture follows strict lunar calendar rules based on the movement of planets as to when to sow and harvest. The biodynamic and organic farmer must rely on the professionalism and an in-tune knowledge of nature to get the grape juice from vineyard to bottle at the right time and as healthy as nature allows. The option of a one fix chemical spray to artificially promote growth and kill all pests is not allowed.
It is our mission to bring these biodynamic and organic wines to you at a reasonable price, and once familiar with the work that goes into the harvest of a given year, one really really does appreciate that living breathing glass of wine that bit more!

Eugene John McKenna
Eugene John McKenna


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