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Chateau De La Selve, Florence, 2019 Red wine

Chateau De La Selve, Florence, 2019 Red wine

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Florence, Chateau De La Selve 2019 Organic & Vegan Red

Enjoy the rich flavors of southern France with this organic, vegan red wine from Chateau De La Selve. Made from a classic Rhône blend of Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, and Viognier grapes, it has an inviting dark purple color.

On the nose, you'll detect enticing aromas of black fruits, cherry, plum, licorice and earthy notes. The palate is smooth and well-balanced thanks to fine-grained tannins that provide structure without any harsh aftertaste.

As an organic and vegan wine, Florence is a more environmentally-friendly and healthy choice. It allows you to indulge in delicious southern French flavors while aligning with sustainable practices.

For red wine fans in Northern Ireland and the UK seeking authentic French quality alongside eco-conscious values, this bottle from Chateau De La Selve is an excellent option. Enjoy its bold flavors and smooth texture.

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