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Gewürztraminer 2021, Domaine Régin Alsace

Gewürztraminer 2021, Domaine Régin Alsace

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Gewürztraminer 2021, Domaine Régin Alsace

This wine, with its captivating ivory yellow hue, is a true testament to the artistry of winemaking of  organic & vegan wine.

Revelling a nose that is quintessentially characteristic of the grape variety. It's a rich tapestry of aromas, seamlessly woven together to create a sensory experience. Floral and spicy notes intermingle, with hints of peppermint adding a touch of intrigue. The nose of this wine is an invitation to a world of subtlety and sophistication, where elegance reigns without a hint of excess.

 The palate reveals a symphony of flavours dominated by the luscious essence of yellow fruits. Imagine the sun-ripened sweetness of mangoes and the tropical allure of pineapples. These notes come together harmoniously to create a taste sensation that's both delightful and memorable.

Moreover, this wine boasts a remarkable richness and a subtle bitterness that adds depth and character to every sip. It's a journey of contrasts, with the bitterness enhancing the tangy finish.

This Gewurztraminer comes from plots with different soils. Most of the plots are based on sandstone marls allowing for the fullness and richness offered on the palate. Conversely, grapes ripening on hydromorphic and gley soils will be more suitable for aromatic development.

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