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La Marciana Blanco

La Marciana Blanco

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La Marciana Blanco 2021

La Marciana Blanco mesmerizes with its radiant golden yellow hue and subtle green reflections. Delicate aromas of mineral, lime, and marzipan interweave gracefully, while hints of hazelnut and vibrant citrus notes add depth and complexity.

The palate is treated to a harmonious balance of refined acidity and restrained tannins. With a velvety texture and a lingering finish, La Marciana Blanco leaves a lasting impression.

Crafted from the revered Garnacha Blanca grape, which comprises just 0.09% of Rioja vineyards, this wine undergoes spontaneous fermentation and matures in French oak barrels for six months. Its natural essence is preserved through minimal filtration.

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