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LUSSORY PREMIUM GOLD 24K 0%Alc Sparkling Vegan Wine

LUSSORY PREMIUM GOLD 24K 0%Alc Sparkling Vegan Wine

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LUSSORY PREMIUM GOLD 24K 0% Alcohol Sparkling Wine. Vegan (not organic) Semi-Sweet luxury sparkling, ideal with or without food. Stunning presentation - mesmerising to watch the floating edible gold with beautiful nose once opened.

Elegance and exclusivity define this exquisite sparkling beverage.

Introducing Lussory Gold, a premium sparkling drink that exudes opulence, featuring 24 carat edible gold to tantalize the most discerning palates.

Carefully crafted from a meticulous grape selection, harvested at various stages of ripeness and blended with precision, Lussory Gold unveils a symphony of flavours.

Watch in awe as golden bubbles gracefully dance within the bottle, creating a captivating spectacle. There's no better way to toast to your future successes than with Lussory Gold.

Perfect for celebrating any occasion, be it a festive gathering, wedding, or a sophisticated business meeting, Lussory Gold is not just a sparkling white wine; it's a symbol of luxury. With its 0.0% alcohol content and Halal certification, it ensures every moment is both memorable and exceptional.

Pair this festive sparkling wine with light salads for ideal consumption, and elevate your dining experience to new heights. A joy for weddings, baby showers, and for those who would like to experience the taste of celebration without the presence of alcohol.

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