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Lussory Organic & Vegan Alcohol Free Brut Sparkling Wine

Lussory Organic & Vegan Alcohol Free Brut Sparkling Wine

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Without doubt, the sparkling alcohol free option is the closest to the abv version of the same wine without the alcohol content being removed. Lussory alcohol-free wine, offers an abundance of flavours without compromising on your lifestyle choices. Whether it's a special occasion or a casual gathering, savour the pleasures of this alcohol-free alternative, designed to be enjoyed at any time. Discover a world of delightful flavours with Lussory Organic & Vegan Alcohol-Free Brut Sparkling Wine.

All alcohol should be treated with respect, as alcohol free wine is wine and made with the same fermentation processes with the alcohol removed at the end of the process. 

A glass of alcohol free still wine contains approximately 30 calories per glass, whilst a glass of wine containing alcohol is approximately 130 calories per glass, and with Lussory organic Sparkling wine being organic, it adds to the healthy options for a healthier balanced lifestyle overall, whilst not losing out on the culture of wine as sparkling Brut wines are lower in calories - alcohol free sparkling approximately 20 calories per glass with sparkling Brut containing alcohol approximately 90 calories per glass.

Experience the exquisite taste of Lussory Organic & Vegan Alcohol-Free Brut Sparkling Wine – the perfect choice for those seeking a wine experience without the alcohol burn. Crafted using traditional wine fermentation techniques, this exceptional sparkling wine undergoes a specialized vacuum system process to remove alcohol while maintaining its indulgent flavours and health benefits of the vine.

For those new to the experience of alcohol free wine, Lussory Organic Sparkling Brut, is the perfect introduction.

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