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Lussory Organic & Vegan alcohol Free Red Wine

Lussory Organic & Vegan alcohol Free Red Wine

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Are you looking for a wine experience without the alcohol burn? Introducing Lussory Organic & Vegan alcohol-free red wine. Crafted using traditional wine fermentation techniques, this unique wine undergoes a special process to remove the alcohol using the vacuum system, while preserving its rich flavours. It is different to an alcohol wine containing the merlot grape, being lighter in body, but Lussory organic and alcohol free also offers all of the health benefits of alcohol free wine with lower calorie consumption.

Imagine savouring the essence of blackberry, blueberry, plum, and raspberry, all without the alcoholic content. Lussory Organic & Vegan alcohol-free red wine offers a medium-plus to full-bodied experience, characteristic of the merlot grape.

While it may not resemble your typical merlot, alcohol-free wines are an acquired taste that's worth exploring. Whether you enjoy it with or without food, Lussory Organic & Vegan wine provides all the benefits of a glass of wine without compromising your lifestyle choices.

In addition to its exceptional taste, Lussory Organic & Vegan alcohol-free red wine is certified organic and vegan. By choosing this wine, you're making a conscious decision to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle alongside the delicious organic and vegan wine options available with Absolute Organic Wine's range.

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