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Magister Bibendi Rioja Gran Reserva

Magister Bibendi Rioja Gran Reserva

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Organic & Vegan Magister Bibendi Rioja Gran Reserva Red Wine 75cl 2011

This wine shows a medium-deep ruby red colour with fine, delicate ageing aromas which blend beautifully with those of the Tempranillo grapes. Smooth, velvety and very wide in the mouth this wine has well-structured tannins with a long, sensational and very pleasant finish. The delicate harvesting and vilification processes used may result in some natural sediment in the wine. We recommend uncorking and oxygenating before consumption using a decanter for pouring it.

Alt: 14%

Grape Variety:  Tempranillo Tinta

For this harvest, each plot was elaborated separately with a maceration of at least 25 days. Once the fermentations were finished, the wine was aged in oak barrels for 24 months. Subsequently, the blend was made and bottled to remain in the winery for at least three years before its launch on the market. It has a sensational ruby ​​red colour with a deep core.

Note: The commitment to the quality of these wines means that not all vintages are put on the market.

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