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Magister Bibendi Gran Reserva 2012

Magister Bibendi Gran Reserva 2012

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This organic, biodynamic, natural & vegan Rioja wine entices with its medium-depth ruby red colour, captivating the eye from the first pour. Delicate aging aromas gracefully intermingle with the essence of the renowned Tempranillo grapes, offering an enchanting bouquet of black currants and blueberries on the nose.

The palate is smooth with a velvety texture, accentuating the vibrant flavours of black currants and blueberries. The well-structured tannins add depth and complexity, harmonizing with the fruit-forward profile. Each sip leads to a long and sensational finish.

It is important to note that this exceptional wine, crafted through delicate harvesting and vilification processes, may contain natural sediment, a testament to its organic origins. To fully appreciate its flavours and aromas, we recommend uncorking the bottle and allowing the wine to breathe and oxygenate. Using a decanter for pouring will further enhance the wine's expression, revealing its true potential.

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