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Magister Bibendi Graciano Reserva

Magister Bibendi Graciano Reserva

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Organic & Vegan Magister Bibendi Graciano Reserva 75cl 2014

Bright cherry red colour with a very deep opaque core. The nose is pronounced with aromas of mature fruits black ripe cherries spicy oak, vanilla, cinnamon and clove combined with a toasted smoky touch. The palate is full with spicy black cherry, ripe sweet tannins  followed by a lovely long concentrated fruit finish.  Due to the delicate process of harvesting and elaboration, some natural sediment may appear.

Alc: 14%

Grape: Graciano.

Note: The commitment to the quality of the wines means that not all vintages are put on the market.

Magister Bibendi Reserva Selección Especial de Graciano is great paired with any rich dishes.   It is ideally suited to accompany roasted dishes. We recommend uncorking and oxygenating before consumption.

Ideal drinking temperature: 18 degrees
Recommended drinking: within ten years after harvest

This Graciano comes from old vines and produces a must of bright red colour  prominent acidity, pleasant and very peculiar aroma; it is the most aromatic of all our varieties. This Wine was harvested during the latter stages of the season, between the first and final week of October. The harvest is done by hand and followed by a careful selection of the grapes in the winery. After destalking, the grapes are submitted to a light pressing producing an alcoholic fermentation on its own yeast in stainless steel tanks for 8-10 days, followed by maceration for a period of two weeks.  The wine obtained has been aged for twelve months in French and American oak barrels, transferred twice.


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