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Pacha de Cacao Vegan 100% Natural Cacao Juice 8 Bottles

Pacha de Cacao Vegan 100% Natural Cacao Juice 8 Bottles

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Introducing Pacha de Cacao – a 100% natural and fresh cacao juice that’s full of nutrients and vitamins. Made from cacao pulp in the heart of Ecuador, this delicious drink is a true taste of the Amazon, sold in packs of 8 bottles. Not organic certified as yet, but still a 100% natural. That means: no concentrate, no additives and no added sugar. Just pulp and water. 

Have you ever wondered what the fruit surrounding the cacao beans tastes like? Well, wonder no more! Pacha juice is a beautiful balance between sweetness and acidity with a tangy twist. Imagine sipping on a refreshing juice that tastes like a combination of pineapple, peach, lychee, pear, lime, and honey – all in one drink. It’s a burst of fresh, fruity flavors that will awaken your senses and leave you feeling revitalized.

But Pacha de Cacao is more than just a delicious drink – it’s a drink with a purpose. The cacao pulp used to make Pacha juice is often left to drip into the soil and go to waste. By turning this waste product into a refreshing new drink, not only reducing waste but also providing an additional source of income for cacao farmers in Ecuador.

In fact, supporting cacao farmers is at the heart of Pacha’s mission. These hardworking farmers deserve more recognition and fair compensation for their labor. By purchasing Pacha de Cacao, you are not only enjoying a delicious drink but also supporting sustainable farming practices and helping farmers in Ecuador.

Place your order now and experience the taste of the Amazon while making a positive impact on the world. Pacha de Cacao is sold in packs of eight, so you can enjoy it with your friends and family or savour it all to yourself.  It’s also great for cocktails, mocktails and smoothies!  A slow boost of positive energy with every sip! Phosphorus, Magnesium, Manganese and Vitamin B1 and Theobromine! Whichis similar to coffee, but much friendlier and softer.

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