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Rebuf blanc – Celler Vendrell Rived 2021 Organic Wine

Rebuf blanc – Celler Vendrell Rived 2021 Organic Wine

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Rebuf blanc – Celler Vendrell Rived 2021

Rebuf Blanc 2021, an expression of the land's very soul, is a tribute to the dedication and love that the winemakers pour into each bottle. Every step of its creation, from vine to cellar, is a harmonious dance with nature, inspired by the traditions that have shaped this region for centuries.

The story of Rebuf Blanc 2021 is interwoven with the legacy of the land, the Macabeo and Garntaxa blanco grapes thriving in the mineral-rich soils of Mas de l'Anís. The winemakers, with unwavering passion, have embraced both time-honored techniques and modern innovation to honor the grapes' authenticity while revealing their true essence.

With a medium acidity, this wine pays homage to the natural balance that is intrinsic to the Montsant region, where vineyards are caressed by cool Mediterranean breezes. The gentle vinification in steel tanks preserves the wine's character, leaving you with a taste that is pure, unadulterated, and brimming with the genuine flavors of the land.

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