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Savigny-les-Beaune blanc Louis Chenu Père & Filles

Savigny-les-Beaune blanc Louis Chenu Père & Filles

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Savigny-les-Beaune blanc Louis Chenu Père & Filles Organic % Vegan White Wine.

Bright straw gold colour with greenish hints.  On the nose aromas of floral white fruits with lifted ripe melon, pear, vanilla with solid mineral earthy notes.  The palate is well structured, generously fruity with good acidity roundness and balance. 

12.5 Abv


Vegan Wine

The particularity of our vintage comes from the presence of old stocks of the pinot blanc variety (around 10%), which adds suppleness and balance to the chardonnay

Made via spontaneous fermentation and bottled unfined and unfiltered. 

The Savigny whites are quite distinct and become mellower with time to produce harmonious and solid wines. They have a very marked soil taste; a rich, generous and perfectly balanced texture and a fresh and fruity mouth.

Louis Chenu Père & Filles is a family winery in Savigny-les-Beaune, Burgundy. They have been working the vine and producing wine for five generations now. This wine is part of the family and is very dear to them. The first parcels of vineyard were bought by Louis Chenu in 1914 and are today worked by his great grandson Louis Chenu with the help of his wife and daughters.

Works & seasons

They carry out the work on the vine over the course of the seasons (pruning, burning the vine shoots, tillage, pulling back, trimming back, treatments and green harvesting), as well as the actual production of the wine (topping up, racking and fining). The harvest is done by hand and takes approximately a week. Our winemaking process is traditional: the grapes are de-stemmed, crushed, cold-macerated for a few days then trodden down on a daily basis. The process of fermentation is carried out naturally at low temperatures. After a period of 2 weeks in vats, the wines are brought to the cellar and aged over 18 months

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