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Lussory Alcohol-Free Vegan Premium Sparkling Wine

Lussory Alcohol-Free Vegan Premium Sparkling Wine

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Lussory Alcohol-Free Vegan Premium Sparkling Wine, not yet organic

Elevate your celebrations with Lussory's Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine – a natural and 100% pure delight direct from the finest vineyards in Spain. Crafted exclusively from Airén grapes, this cava-style sparkling wine boasts a 0.01% ABV, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence for weddings, birthdays, and any special occasion.

What sets Lussory apart is its commitment to purity. This alcohol-free sparkling wine is free from additives or concentrated chemicals, maintaining the integrity of the wine obtained directly from the vineyards. No flavorings or ingredients are used that differ from those naturally present in the wine.

Produced by Dismark Products in Galicia, Spain, Lussory's Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine comes in a 75 cl bottle, featuring the Airén variety and carrying the Halal certification. As a tag of distinction, it falls under the categories of Airén, Halal, and Low or No Calories.

Lussory prides itself on creating quality wines that are not only alcohol-free but also easy to drink with a fantastic flavor profile. This sparkling wine is a perfect choice for weddings, birthdays, and celebrations of all kinds. Its Halal certification ensures inclusivity for various dietary preferences and cultural considerations.

For expecting mothers, Lussory's Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine is a thoughtful choice, providing a refreshing and enjoyable option without alcohol. Additionally, it aligns seamlessly with Veganuary, making it an excellent selection for those following a vegan lifestyle.

Serve this cheerful and bubbly drink cold, making it an ideal aperitif, a refreshing addition to lunch, or the perfect accompaniment for toasting with desserts. And when it comes to guilt-free enjoyment, Lussory's Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine has you covered with just 21 Kcal per serving, 0g of protein, 5.2g of carbohydrates and sugar, and 0g of fat.


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